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Alumni News - Week Ending July 23, 2017
July 31, 2017

In this week's 45 alumni headlines, PepsiCo appoints Laxman Narasimhan as CEO of the LATAM and ESSA regions; BBC Worldwide names Nick Percy as EVP for Western Europe; Deutsche Telekom names Dirk Wössner as Managing Director for Germany; Yum China appoints Joey Wat to its board of directors; Marks & Spencer appoints Gordon Mowat as Director of Clothing & Home Supply Chain, Logistics and Planning; and many more.


QwikSpec, a Bengaluru-based field inspections platform co-founded and led by Ajith Alexander (SIN 01-06), raises an additional $540,000 in funding (read more)

Jim Bamford (DCO 03-08), co-founder of joint-ventures advisory firm Water Street Partners, co-authors "Does Size Matter?", evaluating impact of asset team size (read more)

Thomas Barta (COL, LOX, LON 01-12), marketing expert and co-author of "The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader," speaks to value of being an inspiring marketer in article "A leader’s biggest asset is their ability to inspire" (read more)

Profile and interview with Eytan Bensoussan (MON 09-15), CEO and co-founder of Ferst Digital, an API-enabled bank (read more here and here)

Economic Times India
examines single-product companies, including sales-based assistance solutions provider Vymo, co-founded and led by Yamini Bhat (BAN, MUM, PHI 07-13) (read more)

Profile of Don Clifford (NYO 59-84), co-author of "The Winning Performance: How America’s High-Growth Midsize Companies Succeed" and driving force behind the Wild Center, an interactive museum located near the center of New York State's Adirondack Park (read more)

McKinsey Global Managing Partner Dominic Barton interviews Sir Ronald Cohen (MIL, LON 69-71), Chairman of the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group and the Portland Trust (read more)

Outlook Business
profiles Jim Collins (SFO 80-80), lecturer and author of numerous books, including “Good to Great” and "How the Mighty Fall" (read more)

Calix names Matt Collins (STA 00-03) its new Chief Marketing Officer (read more)

Peter Collins (MEL, XIA 99-04) named Director of the Australian-based Centre for Ethical Leadership (read more)

Iberia-based private equity firm Magnum Capital, co-founded by Enrique de Leyva (MAD 86-06), sells Spanish fragrance company Iberchem to French venture capital firm Eurozone for €270 million (read more – in Spanish)

McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) speaks with Diana Farrell (DCG, SFO, MGI, NYO, FIR, CAR 90-09, 11-14), President and CEO of the JP Morgan Chase Institute, in "What are the policy implications of automation?" and "The future of the 9-to-5 job" (read more here and here)

Antonio Fratta Pasini
(VER, MIL 07-10) named Director of Marketing and Communication for Italian retail bank CheBanca! (read more – in Italian)

Prashant Gandhi
(NYO, NYB, DAL, DEL 00-17), MD & Head of Digital Payments at JPMorgan Chase, explains why success requires customer-centric approach in "How To Be Customer First in The Digital Age" (read more – subscription required)

Mudit Garg (SEA, SVO 08-11), founder and CEO of Qventus, and Mohan Giridharadas (LAN, ATL, SIN, SYD, CLE 91-09), founder and CEO of LeanTaaS, among leaders sharing insights regarding hospital of the future (read more)

LeanTaaS, a predictive analytics company focused on healthcare systems founded and led by Mohan Giridharadas (LAN, ATL, SIN, SYD, CLE 91-09), announces formation of product innovation center iQueue Labs (read more)

India-based Brick2wall, an online marketplace for construction materials co-founded by Nishant Garg (XFR 07-09), receives angel funding (read more)

George Goldsmith
(NYO 00-01), founder and Chairman of Tapestry Networks, on engaging communities to support psychedelic research for therapeutic purposes (read more)

FableStreet, a Delhi-based startup focused on premium workwear for women founded and led by Ayushi Gudwani (DEL 08-15), raises seed capital (read more)

Cherif Habib
(GVA 06-09), co-founder and CEO of Montreal-based Dialogue Technologies, an integrated healthcare platform provider, seeks to expand clientele as the telemedicine industry grows (read more – in French) 

Palo Alto-based auto tech startup Nauto, led by Stefan Heck (STA, SVO, FIR 96-13), raises $159 million in funding (read more)

Stanford GSB’s Insights profiles unconventional career path of Sean Hinton (LON, AUO, XIA 95-00), CEO at private nonprofit foundation Soros Economic Development Fund (read more)

USA TODAY College interviews Kathleen Hogan (SVO, SFO 94-03) EVP of Human Resources at Microsoft, for their series “How I Became a . . . ” (read more)

Michael Ilczynski (MEL, XIA 99-01, 03-05), Managing Director of Melbourne-based job-seeking website Seek, discusses benefits of "hackathon" to innovate and engage staff (read more – subscription required)

Leigh Jasper (XIA 98-00), CEO of Aconex, a construction management platform provider based in Australia, co-authors McKinsey Quarterly article, "Optimizing performance in infrastructure project delivery" (read more)

Hubert Joly
(PAR, NYO, SFO 82-84, 85-96) and his role in building a diverse leadership team as CEO of Best Buy (read more)

OfBusiness, an online business-to-business financing platform co-founded by Ruchi Kalra (MUM, DEL 07-16) seeks to expand service offerings with NBFC licence (read more)

New York Nonprofit Media podcast features Katie Leonberger (NYO 07-11), CEO of nonprofit consulting firm Community Resource Exchange: discusses funding, changing needs, and challenging times ahead (read more)

Perttu Louhiluoto (HEL, CHI 91-08) appointed CEO of Rettig ICC, a European supplier of indoor climate systems, effective end of 2017 (read more)

Marks & Spencer appoints Gordon Mowat (LON, LOX, LOK 00-11) Director of Clothing & Home Supply Chain, Logistics and Planning (read more)

PepsiCo appoints Laxman Narasimhan (DEL, SVO, SFO, SVA, CLE 93-12) CEO, LATAM and ESSA, effective September 1 (read more)

Dan Oh
(CHI 00-01) steps down as President and CEO at Renewable Energy Group (read more)

Profile of Ann O'Hara (STA 99-03), VP and General Manager at global packaging solutions provider Amcor Rigid Plastics (read more)

Astroscale, a Singapore-based space company focused on the removal of space debris founded and led by Nobu Okada (TOK 00-04), secures $2.66 million in funding (read more here, and read our 2016 feature on Nobu here)

BBC Worldwide names Nick Percy (LON, SYD, LOX 99-01, 04-10) Executive Vice President for Western Europe, effective September 1 (read more)

Yasmin Razavi (TOR, LON 12-14) joins venture capital firm Spark Capital (read more)

Profile of Robert Reffkin (NYO 00-02), founder and CEO of real estate company Compass (read more)

Hoffmann, Europe’s leading system partner for high-quality tools, acquires digital startup tools-and-crafts retailer Contorion, co-founded by Frederick Roehder (DUS 08-13) and Richard Schwenke (DUS, BER 09-14) (read more)

The New Yorker profiles engineer and environmentalist Jurriaan Ruys (AMS, NYO 98-13), co-founder and CEO of Land Life Company, focused on restoring ecosystems and communities globally (read more)

Emi Takemura Miller
(NJE, TOK 96-99), co-founder of global event management platform Peatix Inc., discusses career advancement, ambition, challenges, and future plans (read more)

Reed Hamilton, a Singapore-based boutique executive search firm with Managing Partner Jason Reed Wagner (SIA, SIN 00-01), joins Amrop, one of the world’s largest executive search firms and leadership recruitment partnerships (read more)

Yum China
appoints Joey Wat (HKO 00-03) to board of directors (read more) names "How to Have a Good Day," by Caroline Webb (LON, LOX 00-12) and "Grit" by Angela Duckworth (NYO 96-97) among top must-read business books on leadership (read more)

Deutsche Telekom names Dirk Wössner (MUN, MAD 97-02) Managing Director of German business, effective January 1, 2018 (read more)


Steve Sommer (STA, NYO 81-84) dies at 62 (read more)


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