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Forbes '30 Under 30': 3 alumni included on Asia list
April 20, 2017
Three alumni are included on Forbes' '30 Under 30' lists for Asia, adding to the seven who were on the U.S.- and Europe-based lists that the publication released in January.

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Forbes has released its Asia-based '30 Under 30' lists, comprising 300 of Asia's "brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers" categorized in ten industries. In January, Forbes released its U.S.- and Europe-based lists, which collectively included seven alumni and one Firm member.

Rana Wehbe, Senior Digital Editor for Asia at Forbes Media, said, “This year’s Forbes '30 Under 30' Asia list highlights the diversity of talent in this vast region, with 300 impressive young entrepreneurs from all walks of life pushing the boundaries of innovation. It’s fascinating to see how these millennials are using technology to disrupt their industries, empower their communities and overcome cultural barriers."

Forbes received more than 1,200 submissions for the prestigious list. The criteria for honorees making the list included leadership and disruption in their field; entrepreneurial mind-set and results; and the likelihood of changing their field over the next half-century. 

Forbes will hold its second annual “Under 30 Summit Asia” in Manila on July 25, 2017.

Here are the alumni who made this year's Asia lists:


Masaru Ishizaki
(TOK 14-16) - Co-founder and COO of Thailand-based EMPAG, which delivers fresh fruits and produce to individuals and corporations directly from farmers.
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Akshay Navaladi (NJE 13-14) - Co-founder of Healthskool Clinics, a neighborhood chain of clinics based in New Delhi, India. The clinics provide affordable health services to nearly 300,000 patients each month.
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Adamas Belva Syah Devara (JAK 11-13) - Co-founder of Ruangguru, the largest marketplace for private tutoring in Indonesia.
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Click here for the complete Forbes '30 Under 30' list of 300 honorees in Asia. 

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Alumni who have previously been included in the Forbes '30 Under 30' lists include Marcela Sapone (BOS 08-10, 14-14), co-founder and CEO, Hello Alfred; Nick Weaver (SVO 10-12), co-founder and CEO at eero; JJ Fliegelman (NYO 12-14), co-founder and CTO, WayUp; Hiroki Takeuchi (LON 08-10), co-founder and CEO, GoCardless; Shiza Shahid (DBI 11-13), co-founder of the Malala Fund; Neil Chheda (MIN, DCO 07-10) and Krishna Gupta (CHI 10-10), founding partners of Romulus Capital; Richard Matsui (TAI, HKO 07-10), co-founder and CEO of kWh Analytics; Alexandra Cavoulacos (NYO, STA 08-11), co-founder of The Muse; Anna Squires Levine (NJE 08-12), former President of Born Free Africa (now co-founder of Run for America); Karan Chopra (ATL 07-10), co-founder and board member at GADCO; and many others.


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