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Upcoming Webcast -- Personalization at Scale Is Changing the World as We Know It
September 19, 2018

Join McKinsey Partners Julien Boudet (Los Angeles), Dianne Esber (San Francisco), and Kai Vollhardt (Munich) for a conversation on how personalization engines are delivering the right experience, message, and offer to the right person at the right time – driving growth and profitability at scale.

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Upcoming Webcast -- Smart Cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future
August 29, 2018

Join MGI Partner Jaana Remes (San Francisco) and Gernot Strube (Munich) as they discuss findings from the McKinsey Global Institute’s new report on smart cities, including what exactly makes a smart city, the potential benefits for citizens and government, and the opportunities and challenges ahead for the private sector. Read More..


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