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  • "There's no doubt I would not be doing what I do today without my McKinsey experience."
    Alison Watkins (AUS, MEL, XIA 89-99)
  • "It gave me hands-on insight on how to run a company. One of the training elements I really look back on was the one-week Engagement Leadership Workshop. I learned there that there are multiple aspects of leadership, and it was incredibly thought-provoking. Becoming a great leader involves the ability to juggle all these different aspects of leadership at the same time."
    Jørgen Knudstorp (COP 98-01)
  • "McKinsey trained me how to work with CEOs and senior leaders so they treat you and see you as a peer. I also learned business judgment, analytical, and problem-solving skills. At McKinsey, there is great apprenticeship and mentorship in learning how to lead a team."
    Rebecca Wei (SHA, HKO 99-10)
  • "While at the Firm, I made significant strides in areas like structured thinking, approaching problems analytically, and conveying a story well."
    Naveen Tewari (MUM, SVO 00-03)
  • "One of the things McKinsey helped teach me was how to make good decisions really fast because you often find yourself in situations where you have imperfect information but you need to act. My McKinsey skills have also been very important in how we think about the growth of IRONMAN as a brand."
    Andrew Messick (AMS, CHI 91-97)
  • "There's an intellectual debate and discussion happening that makes your time at McKinsey intellectually dynamic, powerful and invigorating in a way that should be cherished by people who live it every day."
    Luis Ubiñas (BOS, LAN, SFO 89-08)
  • "McKinsey was an incredible training ground that has been extremely helpful in starting and running Gogobot. One powerful thing I learned at McKinsey is the ability to synthesize complex ideas and communicate them in very simple ways that are easy to understand."
    Travis Katz (SFO 01-03)
  • "The Firm's training in structured thinking and communications has been invaluable to me as I have gone through life post-McKinsey. McKinsey was also a great training ground for leadership in service — how to create a vision of something and work through others to make it happen."
    Wendy Becker (LON, SFO 93-08)
  • "My years at McKinsey were absolutely rewarding after seeing measurable impact on each engagement I worked on. I am fully convinced that McKinsey is the proven training ground for future business leaders, and it also provides a fun, rewarding, and exciting work environment that each McKinsey consultant can be proud to be part of every day."
    Emre Gürkan (ATB, ATL 05-05, 06-08)
  • "In every meeting with potential clients or investors, I use the skills I learned on presenting and telling a compelling story."
    Kathryn Minshew (NYO 08-10)
  • "At McKinsey we're really trained to think big . . . to not be afraid of the big problems, but actually to embrace them and dissect them, and try to figure out what to do about them."
    Jim Ayala (DAL, HKO, MAN, SIN 84-86, 88-03)
  • "Many of the core McKinsey skills and approaches have been invaluable in the growth and success of MetaPack: disaggregating problems, fact-based analysis, market studies, identifying the true source of sustained competitive advantage. It's all quintessential McKinsey and has been essential."
    Patrick Wall (LON 92-95)
  • "Gaining the ability to work quickly and diligently was key, as was people management, analytical thinking, and problem solving."
    Yasmin Belo-Osagie (LGS 12-14)
  • "I'm better able to communicate and persuade. I'm comfortable with individuals from many different levels of an organization. I problem-solve all day long. These skills were honed at McKinsey and are invaluable to me today."
    Ayr Muir (BOS 03-03, 04-08)
  • "We couldn’t have done this without our McKinsey training. Developing a clear proposition, learning how to communicate effectively with CEOs, crafting an argument, creating an economic model – all of these skills are firmly grounded in our McKinsey experience. My time at McKinsey has been the single most important time in my career."
    Ann Smith (CLE 00-05)
  • "McKinsey teaches you to be extremely comfortable with ambiguity and to adapt to new information extremely quickly, however time-pressured or high-stakes the situation."
    Alice Bentinck (LON 09-12) and Matt Clifford (LON 09-12)
  • "McKinsey not only has opened doors, but also greatly improved my problem-solving. You have to step away to realize just how much better everyone gets while they're at the Firm. It is really phenomenal."
    Bruce Constantine (TOR, BOS 04-12)
  • "Clearly the values, the meritocracy and the quality of the people are unique aspects of the Firm that you cannot find elsewhere in any sizeable organization. In addition, I found the diversity and relevance of the problems you deal with exciting and hard to find anywhere else."
    Mickey Huibregtsen (AMS 70-99)
  • "I originally saw working at McKinsey as a piece of the puzzle – something that would provide me with exposure to all aspects of business. I now see it as a frame for the puzzle. It’s provided me context for putting all the other pieces in place."
    Tim Carl (CLE 01-02)
  • "Spending time at McKinsey was one of the highlights of my life. It has influenced nearly every aspect of my management style – from how I think about solving problems to how I feel about treating the people in my company's care. "
    Tim Carl (CLE 01-02)
  • "We draw on our McKinsey experience every day. We use the presentation and communication skills we developed at McKinsey all the time."
    Dai Ellis (SFO, NYO 91-02) and Oliver Rothschild (NYO 08-08, 10-11)
  • "Understanding the motivations and bringing along elected officials in particular was a totally new experience for us, but was something that could be sorted through by using the same consensus building skills at McKinsey."
    Gautam Grover (CHI, KLA 05-09)
  • "[McKinsey] taught me the importance of taking the 30,000-foot view and at the same time taking the deep dive when required."
    Amisha Jain (LAN, SCA 08-11)
HR of the Future: Delivering the promise of strategic HR through people analytics and digital
February 23, 2017

During this session, Senior Partner Bill Schaninger (Philadelphia) and Expert Partner Neel Gandhi (Atlanta) will discuss the evolving role and function of human resources, the CHRO, and the potential impact on the organization. While many human resource functions have undergone significant transformation through implementing shared service centers and lean operations, most still struggle to deliver on the premise of strategic HR. Although CEOs rank human capital the number one issue they face in today’s business environment, they view HR as only the eighth or ninth most important function in an organization. The time has come to change the role of HR by shifting to a new model of interaction with the business and revamping the role of the function to a talent asset manager. Our presenters will discuss what the next generation of HR looks like and the immediate steps organizations can take to start this journey: re-envisioning the HR role, embedding advanced analytics, driving operational excellence, and transitioning to the optimal organizational structure. Read More..

The Age of Analytics: Competing in a data-driven world
February 08, 2017

During this session, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) Partner Michael Chui (San Francisco) and Senior Partners Nicolaus Henke (London) and Sha Sha (Hong Kong) will share findings from a new report, "The Age of Analytics: Competing in a data-driven world," which is the culmination of a joint research venture between MGI and McKinsey Analytics. Every month we hear of new innovations such as driverless cars, AlphaGo, Watson, and intelligent personal assistants like Alexa and Siri. But what is the actual state of the art in terms of how data and analytics has become a basis of competition in various industries? What are the next steps that companies have to take to actually capture the value promised by data and analytics? How might these technologies cause disruption across sectors? And where will the next generation of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have the most impact? Join us for a conversation on how to tackle these and other key questions about the role of data and analytics in the global economy and how leaders should prepare. Read More..

Alumni News - Week Ending November 13, 2016
November 23, 2016

In this week's 51 alumni headlines, Stina Andersson appointed EVP, Strategy and Business of Tele2 AB, Patrick Cohen will take over as CEO of AXA Italia, and Michelle Moloney joings Protective Life as Chief Risk Officer.
Read More..

Spotlight On: Scott Beardsley, Dean of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business
November 22, 2016

Whether in consulting or in higher education, Scott, a Senior Partner Emeritus, has made developing the potential of others a professional priority. After a 26-year career at McKinsey, Scott has just wrapped up his first year as the dean of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, currently ranked number 3 in the world by The Economist magazine. Read More..

Alumni News - Week Ending November 6, 2016
November 21, 2016

In this week's 36 alumni headlines, Fuencisla Clemares is named Managing Director, Spain & Portugal at Google, Mark Jones will take over as Man Group's CFO, and Diane Smith-Gander joins the board of Australian energy company AGL Energy Limited Read More..

Katharina Peters Reaches for the Skies
November 17, 2016

Katharina Peters may become Germany's first female astronaut. She recently spoke to NGZ Online about the journey ahead. Read More..

Alumni News - Week Ending October 30, 2016
November 11, 2016

In this week's 24 alumni headlines, Börje Ekholm is named President and CEO of Ericsson; Joanna Rotenberg is promoted to Group Head, Wealth Management at BMO Financial Group; and Margo Georgiadis, President of Americas at Google and co-leader of Women@Google, receives the Visionary Award at the Chicago Innovation Awards. Read More..

Lavanya Nalli Plans to Make Her Family Business the Number-One Sari Destination in the World
November 10, 2016

Lavanya Nalli has taken her family's sari business into new territory, including launching an online presence and introducing lower-cost items. But, as she recently told the BBC, she remains true to her roots, aiming to make the historic business the top sari destination in the world. Read More..

Alumni News - Week Ending October 23, 2016
November 10, 2016

This week's alumni 21 headlines include C-suite appointments at Vapo Oy and Brooks Macdonald, and board appointments at Cisco and Insulet Corporation. Read More..

Barbara Kux appointed to new high-level EU panel on decarbonisation
November 01, 2016

Barbara, a longtime champion of sustainability issues in the senior executive roles and board positions she has held, joins the panel of experts who will support climate action with strategic advice on research and innovation, and help implement the Paris Agreement in the European Union. Read More..

Alumni News - Week Ending October 16, 2016
October 27, 2016

This week's 50 alumni headlines include C-suite appointments at Audi, Swedbank, Helvetia Österreich, and Bone Therapeutics, and appointments to the boards of Foxtel and Buffalo Wild Wings. Read More..

Alumni News - Week Ending October 9
October 26, 2016

C-suite appointments at Telefónica Brasil, Penn West, John Hancock, Discovery Communications, and Ascometal; American Banker's most powerful women in banking and Global Finance Magazine's notable execs in Treasury & Cash Management
Read More..


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